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Fic: Virtuous circles - River/12 [Archive of Our Own] 

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not a ghost story - a twelve/clara fic 


A/N: A piece of a longer fic blah blah blah, but it’s Clara/Twelve and Clara/Twelve will be awesome. Yup.

He thinks about regeneration sometimes, of course he does; he’s a Time Lord with a body of a certain age.

He’s still not prepared when it happens, but Clara’s there and he can’t think of a better hand to hold. It’s like having kin present, which is how it was meant to happen, how it had never happened for him. She’s wearing one of her little dresses, one that happens to have a collar almost as high and well-buttoned as the ones he’d grown up with on Gallifrey, but hers was softer, with a pattern that was definitely human.

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Y o u   s e e   t h e s e   e y e s ?    T h e y ’ r e   o l d   e y e s 

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